Last Friday, I headed down to Charing Cross, to give London's latest luxe fitness offering, Bests Bootcamp a try.

What is it?
Best's Bootcamp is a gym like no other delivering a range of classes using exclusive Freemotion treadmills and a variety of floor based exercises using weight training equipment such as medicine balls and dumbbells. Sessions are centred around 'Best's Box', a bespoke soft step exclusive to Best's.

Why Best's?
Best's is competing against other bootcamp-like establishments such as 1Rebel and Barry's and whilst I haven't been to either of them so can't do a direct comparison, Best's does offer some pretty unique and exclusive selling points. Best's offers a 360 visual experience with their instructor cam, so you never lose sight of your trainer throughout the duration of your class. In addition, their nightclubesque setting and focus on good music with a resident DJ and an opening for any DJ in London to come down and takeover makes it a truly a unique and fun fitness experience.

What was it like?
I booked into the Pull and Abs class, which was split into rounds of cardio followed by abs focused strength training exercises using the best's box, dumbbells, kettle-bells, and medicine balls. In terms of difficulty, I would put it at a 6.5 out of 10, but considering I was recovering from my long run of the week that was perfectly fine with me. The trainer was great, encouraging everyone, giving out tips on form and pushing you individually. I particularly like their treadmills which not only offered incline but downhill running which is the first of its kind that I've seen. After the class they give you a cold face towel infused with lavender-which was amazing- and a towel for the showers.

What did I like?
I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Best's, the staff are super friendly and really helpful. I was late coming in and I grabbed a treadmill next to one of their trainers who was actually taking the class and she helped me set up and helped throughout the class. Best's also has the nicest, most luxurious changing rooms, showers and toilets I've ever witnessed in a gym. Beauty bloggers rejoice because they stock Kiehl's shampoo, conditioner and hand wash in addition to cotton pads, ear buds, wipes, mouthwash, basically anything you'd need after a shower, in their showers/changing rooms. As someone who categorically cannot work out without music, their DJ set up was another strong selling point for me, I'd love to see them get DJ's down for one off music genre classes, like a hiphop/R&B
class or something like that. Best's also offers post workout fuel in the form of smoothies, which sadly I didn't get to try but they sound delicious and nutritious.                                                                                                                

What didn't I like?
Honestly there's nothing I didn't like at Best's, however in terms of booking on I'd like to see a monthly option which after to speaking to some of the guys over there, is something they're  already looking into setting up.

Quick-fire Info:
Location: Right by Charing Cross station- Not the tube the actual train station!
Price: Currently have a first class free offer but you buy blocks of classes which very from £20-£15 a class depending on how many you buy.
Facilities: shower, changing rooms, gym, spin room, blend bar.

Overall verdict?
I had an absolutely amazing time at Bests's and I'll definitely be back. The atmosphere was great, speared on by a team of friendly, helpful and welcoming staff who are happy to help and answer questions with a smile. Great customer service goes such a long way, and from speaking with others after the class I get the feeling that Best's is here to stay and will definitely go a long way. Click Here to get you're first class booked in!


P.S I just want to say thank you to everyone, firstly for the overwhelmingly positive and lovely response to my last post, which you can view here, everyone was so kind and encouraging and I will definitely be doing more outfit posts. Secondly I have reached 100 followers on bloglovin' woooooooohooooooooo so thank you to all my lovely followers and if you aren't following me (why the hell not?!?) then you can do so here.


  1. This gym looks amazing! Great photos and congratulations on hitting 100!

    Anika |

  2. Wow, their bathrooms look nicer than any gym I've ever been to! And they keep Kiehl's products in stock?! Sounds like the perfect gym for me :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  3. this gym sounds great :)

    (I'm also doing a giveaway right now too!)

  4. Sounds like a great workout place, love how the team looks so happy at the last photo :)

    Characters & Carry-ons

  5. Wow, amazing gy and a very very happy team. Have fun there babe. A cold towel infused with lavender sounds amazing. May I go with you pretty please?

  6. Wow, amazing gy and a very very happy team. Have fun there babe. A cold towel infused with lavender sounds amazing. May I go with you pretty please?

  7. This gym sounds like a great place! I like the idea of cold face towels infused with lavender, who doesn't like a little bit of treat? :)

    Ela BellaWorld

  8. How do you concentrate on working out when the trainers are looking that hot?! And that's actually a serious question! LOL! I think I'll stick to yoga through YouTube at distractions. ;-)

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  9. That looks like a lovely gym...I'm still trying to get use to my new gym, but it's only been a week.

  10. looks so lux! i need to find more time for the gym!:)

  11. I love a good work out, I feel so great after. Wish my gym was as nice as this one :))
    Ivona from

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  14. I love your blog, thank you for sharing!
    xoxo, Hadasah

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